Psychic Mind is a project created to work in the psychic states of people who wish to develop personal growth, research in states of consciousness, work in emotional intelligence and develop the skills of mediumship, creative vision, remote vision, telekinesis, telepathy and study of all. fields related to psychic sensitivity.

After many years of experience with mediumship and observing how the mind develops, I was able to confirm that states of consciousness are linked to dogmas, religions, education and ideologies. Keeping the state pure, without questioning what is behind this "LIFE" enjoying our thoughts and connections, we will achieve the vision and peace we need and, thus, we will live fully in that field full of ancestral souls.

Our study of the human mind has helped us to understand the different techniques that a person can use to visualize or predict situations or come into contact with other plans.

The human brain is a temple full of unknowns. However, we can now advance methods to develop the mind and apply the technique not only in the paranormal world, but also in entertainment and brain development to avoid problems in the nervous system, mental stress, blockages, addictions and diseases.

Develop your skills with our techniques, courses and training. Here are all the links you can find on our website:

- Mediumship
- Clairvoyance
- Telepathy
- Telekinesis
- Psychometry
- Creative visualization
- Psycho-empathization
- Lucid dreams and astral travel
- Remote vision
- Trips
- Personal Trainer Medium
- Online Courses
- Events calendar
- Depositions
- Documentaries
- The Mediums Family
- Mente Psíquica Radio

Psychic Mind - Training for mediums and psychics. School for mediums and psychics. We are in Sevilla (Spain)
Contact: - +34 675 829 401 (WhatsApp only)

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