We are a very special family, who carry out investigations and documentaries, using the different psychic abilities that we possess. We travel all over the world to different places that for some reason are special, in order to get a version of the events and live the experience in the first person.

The Mediums Family - Entrenamiento para médiums y psíquicos. Escuela para médiums y psíquicos. Estamos en Huelva (España)

We make connections and go back in time to get all the necessary information. All this information is collected for the subsequent production of documentaries and uploaded to the different channels that we have on the network. All our connections are real and help us to understand history in a different way than the conventional one.

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Mente Psíquica - Training for mediums and psychics. School for mediums and psychics. We are in Sevilla (Spain)
Contact: - WhatsApp: +34 675 829 401

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